Furniture Condition

Nationally recognised descriptions to help you determine the condition of your furniture donations…

Excellent Condition

Excellent condition is also referred to as ‘mint’ or ‘as new’ condition and is largely used to describe items that are unwrapped but in the same condition that they were in when purchased new from the manufacturer. Items in this category have no stains, scratches discolouration or damage and display the relevant fire safety labels.

TIP: If you walked into retail premises, you would expect to buy this item for full price because it is in perfect condition.

Very Good Condition

Very good condition refers to an item that is practically as new. There are no real signs of wear and tear and the item is in perfect ‘working’ condition. Items in this category have no stains or scratches and any damage or discolouration is very minor and hardly noticeable unless pointed out. All items in this category must display the relevant fire safety labels.

TIP: If you walked into retail premises, you would expect to receive a small discount after pointing out a very minor fault; you would be happy to buy the item if you received 10% off the marked price.

Good Condition

Good condition items are normally in working order and have ‘life’ left in them. They show occasional signs of wear, but do not have any tears or heavy stains in the leather or fabric, or heavy scratches or damage. Good condition leather items will display the creases associated with use, as we often may see in our local coffee shop.

This is the category that causes most problems for homeowners and charities alike when making a donation. Good condition is largely subjective, as what is in good condition in the mind of the donor is frequently differently perceived by the charity shop. For this reason Furniture Donation Network does not accept such items, instead we respectfully request that you arrange collection using the BulkyWaste service to guarantee removal. Items in good condition still account for more than 50% of all reused furniture collected by BulkyWaste.

Poor Condition

Poor condition items show signs of heavy wear or damage. They are items that are either approaching or at the end of their life, although in certain circumstances they are still viable to restore. Occasionally items that are received in poor condition can still generate revenue for a local charity that may specialise in vintage restoration or upholstery.

Damaged or Broken

Damaged or broken items can still provide ‘parts’ for reuse such as handles and castors but in most cases they are recycled or go to landfill.

Fire safety labels:

For health and safety reasons, we can only accept upholstered furniture which has its original fire safety labels (Furniture and Furnishing Regs 1988) attached. If your item does not have the necessary labels, it won’t be able to be re-used, so please visit the Bulky Waste website instead.