Downsizing Your Home Can Help Charities Grow

Downsizing your home can be stressful or liberating depending on your outlook. Many people accumulate vast quantities of furniture, clothing and electrical items in their homes and, as their families grow up and move out, they find that they no longer need so many things and begin to look for ways to create more space.

Whether your downsizing involves moving to a smaller property or simply having a good clear out, you can assist charitable organisations by donating things that you no longer need for resale, which can in turn help charitable organisations to grow and prosper.

Perhaps you have a little-used spare room which you would like to turn into an office or craft room? Maybe you would like to repurpose that spare sitting room and run a business from it? What do you do with all of the furniture which will inevitably be removed?

The Furniture Donation Network is a Community Dotcom Service and is one of many such innovative programmes led by the award winning industry leader Recycling Lives.

By changing the ways in which UK residents can support charities through furniture donation in their area, we offer people a simple, cost effective solution for the removal of unwanted items. We accept furniture and white goods that are in very good or excellent condition, and that have their fire labels intact.

If you have furniture in very good or excellent condition that you would like to benefit a variety of charitable causes, then it is very simple to arrange a collection with the Furniture Donation Network.

Our sister company Bulky Waste is on hand to remove any goods that are not in perfect condition, and they guarantee collection of your bulky waste and furniture items no matter what condition they’re in.

By donating your unwanted household items to charity, you’ll be helping many charitable organisations to make ends meet and to support their work with vulnerable and homeless individuals.

As many charitable organisations have been negatively affected by austerity measures, it’s good to know that agencies like Furniture Donation Network and Bulky Waste are thriving thanks to the generosity of householders who understand how recycling can generate income for those in need.

Community Dotcom schemes like Furniture Donation Network are helping Recycling services in the UK to grow, and to reach people all across the UK.

Our charity-led services, devised by  social welfare charity Recycling Lives, enable us and our charity collection partners to offer vital training and work experience placements to individuals who are unemployed or even homeless.

With the help of our many supporters and that of the general public, we aim to tackle homelessness and unemployment with our high quality recycling services.

We are happy to assist you in your downsizing, whether that means removing your sofa and dresser or taking away an entire house full of furniture.

Our FAQ section will provide answers to your questions and, if you are unsure, get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer any queries speedily.