Furniture reuse key to tackling resource poverty

Greater reuse of furniture and other household items could be key to alleviating resource poverty in the UK, industry representatives have claimed.

The furniture industry is challenging the Government to better understand and engage with the reuse sector. By working alongside the Government and the waste management sector, it is believed that furniture reuse organisations could double their supply of essential household goods for low-income families.

The Social Value Act, which came into force in January, places a duty upon public bodies, such as local authorities, to consider the social value of their procurement. Reusing waste wherever possible creates social value in a number of areas- reducing landfilling; reducing energy use and carbon footprint; and providing affordable second-hand items for low income families and individuals.

Reuse organisations also create opportunities for employment, training and voluntary work, reducing unemployment and increasing skills in the community.

If you have any items of furniture, white goods or household electrical items that you no longer need, don’t just take them to the local tip. Instead, create social value by donating good quality items to Furniture Donation Network.

Furniture Donation Network is a charity operated collection service. Working with collection partners and local authorities across the UK, we collect good quality items from householders for refurbishing and resale to low income families.

Items that are not in new or nearly-new condition cannot be collected by Furniture Donation Network. Instead, they can be collected by our sister service, Bulky Waste. The Bulky Waste service collects bulky items regardless of condition. All items will either be reused or, if not possible, recycled.

Both the Furniture Donation Network and Bulky Waste create social value by working to alleviate resource poverty. As well as encouraging reuse of items and providing affordable second-hand goods to those who need them, they also generate funds for charity, including the award-winning Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

So, whatever the condition of your items, the Furniture Donation Network or Bulky Waste service will create social value from them. Much better than just dumping them on the tip.