“Ramadan Mubarak!” from Furniture Donation Network!

With today marking the first day of the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, the team at Furniture Donation Network would like to wish our Muslim customers, collection partners, staff and supporters “Ramadan Mubarak!”

Over the next 30 days, Muslims observing Ramadan will be going without food and drink during the hours between sunrise and sunset – up to 21 hours, to be precise! We’d like to wish everyone observing the fasts good luck and good health!

When it comes to Ramadan, though, it’s not just about giving up food and drink in daylight hours. Muslims are encouraged to reflect on their actions, appreciate the good things in their lives, and find ways to help those less fortunate.

Donating 2.5% of your annual income to charity – known as paying Zakat – is one of the five pillars of Islam. And, with Ramadan being such a spiritual time for many Muslims, a large number of them choose to pay their Zakat at the start of the month so that their donations can reach those in need in time for Eid-al-Fitr – the day of celebration that marks the end of Ramadan.

Muslim or not, finding ways to help people in need is never a bad thing. And if you can find a way to make the positive ripples from your donation last even longer – like paying Zakat every year – it’s even better!

Here at Furniture Donation Network, we’re fond of making positive ripples, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to support disadvantaged and marginalised people.

We’re a Community Dotcom scheme, run by social welfare charity Recycling Lives UK, which means that we offer UK householders the chance to book competitive, environmentally-friendly collection and recycling services with extra charity benefits.

In just a few clicks here on our website, you can donate your unwanted furniture to charity. As long as your items are in very good or excellent condition we’ll come and pick them up for you.

Simply book a furniture collection with us, and one of our charity collection partners in your local area will come by at a convenient time to collect them. The items will be donated to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the furniture they need, or sold on to raise vital funds for local charities.

Furniture Donation Network is run by Recycling Lives UK - a registered UK social welfare charity that provides accommodation, training, education, work experience and employment opportunities to people who are homeless and long-term unemployed. It’s through the vital work of Community Dotcom schemes like Furniture Donation Network that the charity continues to grow and thrive.

Every time you donate furniture to charity with us, you’re not just receiving a professional, eco-friendly service, you’re helping to fund opportunities for people in desperate need. So even if you haven’t got much cash to spare, but you can donate some good quality, unwanted furniture, you can still help!

With Furniture Donation Network, you don’t have to worry about hefting heavy items of furniture out to the car, fitting them in your back seat, or hiring a van to take them to a charity shop that might not accept them – we’ll do all the hard work for you!

So, whether you’re fatigued with fasting or just up to your eyes in work, we can help you clear your unwanted furniture quickly, conveniently and ethically.

Ramadan Mubarak from everyone at Furniture Donation Network!