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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012  

According to recent figures, the amount of waste collected by the council in and around student areas increases dramatically around the end of term: between April and June last year, monthly waste collections rose from 3,659 to 3,892 tonnes – much higher that the monthly average of 3,360 tonnes. This surge puts pressure on taxpayer-run council services and risks landing the local authority with a hefty landfill tax bill.

The Oxford Mail reports this week that students in the local area are being asked to donate and recycle more of their unwanted items at the end of the academic year.

University bosses and Council leaders have come together for the first time to take a stand against the issue, with teams from both organisations knocking on over 2,000 doors in the area to remind residents to clear their properties before moving out and encourage them to donate their unwanted furniture to local charity shops.

While the response is reported to have been overwhelmingly positive, local groups attest to the fact that, unfortunately, stats don’t lie. Ed Chipperfield, chairman of James Street Residents’ Association, East Oxford, commented:

“Quite a lot of the houses around here have things in their front garden for a couple of years. The landlords don’t care about it and the new people won’t move it because it isn’t theirs.”

The chairperson of another residents association, Elizabeth Mills of Divinity Road Area Residents Association (DRARA), was less than generous in her assessment of the local students, claiming that they snubbed DRARA’s annual freecycling event:

“The students have never participated in it – I see absolutely no reason why they should participate in this. I am sure they are very bright but they can’t get their act together.”

From these comments, it would seem that there are two separate issues at play:  firstly, that students are failing to clear their rooms at the end of term and, secondly, that landlords and property-owners are failing to remove unwanted items from the outside of their premises.

Furniture Donation Network understands that, for many students, transport is a difficult issue. While taking unwanted furniture to a charity shop or recycling centre might be easy for a car-owner, many students are limited to public transport – not the ideal way to get a chest of drawers or office chair across town. And, in all the chaos of packing up, moving out and travelling home, we can understand that students often let the job get the better of them.

For landlords, on the other hand, well, there’s less excuse – particularly when it comes to leaving battered old furniture outside the house for months, or even years, at a time. While it’s undoubtedly a hassle, cleaning up after your messy ex-tenants, property-owners have a legal duty to keep the outside of their houses tidy.

Furniture Donation Network and its sister organisation Bulky Waste have come together to encourage landlords and students to use our charity furniture collection and charity furniture donation schemes when it’s coming up to the end of term.

For all new or nearly new furniture, Furniture Donation Network will offer FREE collection. Simply log on to our simple booking page, fill in your details, choose a date and pay our small service deposit to get one of our teams round for a collection!

Furniture Donation Network is for nearly new or new furniture only – our service deposit is there to help protect the charity partners who carry out our collections and prevent dodgy dealers from using them as a waste collection service! If items are not nearly new, our collection partners can’t take them away and your deposit will be kept to cover transport and labour costs.

For furniture that’s a bit more battered and bruised, Bulky Waste is the right choice. Bulky Waste is a paid-for service that has the same charity ethos as Furniture Donation Network, but GUARANTEES collection of furniture no matter what condition it’s in. Bulky Waste still prioritises re-use over recycling, in order to be as energy and cost-efficient as possible, but will ensure the eco-friendly processing of every item its teams pick up.

Whether you’re a student or landlord, Furniture Donation Network and Bulky Waste are two great options for the end of term. Remember: Furniture Donation Network will take any new or nearly new furniture for free, while Bulky Waste will collect furniture in any condition for a small charge.

Bulky Waste can also offer a discount on certain items that can be recycled, so take a look at the different items that the service collects. And, if you’re not sure, feel free to contact the team and ask!

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