UK Government Failing to Deal with Waste Efficiently, Committee Finds

The UK government has received bad ratings for its handling of waste and resources in a report by The Environmental Audit Committee. The report, in which environmental efficiency is scored on a red, amber and green basis, gives the UK government’s approach to “resource efficiency” an amber rating. The report warns that “the current way our economy consumes resources is not sustainable,” noting that the UK’s rate of recycling has plateaued at 43% and may miss its 2020 target of 50%.

The report states:

“We concluded that the Government’s approach lacks leadership, and that it must do more to ensure that the right conditions are in place so that many more businesses shift from a linear approach [to waste] to a circular one.”

The report recommends applying different levels of VAT to products depending on their environmental impact, recycled contents and potential for reuse. It also recommends giving tax breaks to businesses that repair goods or promote reuse, and the removal of trade barriers for remanufactured goods.

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