The Furniture Donation Network is made up of many partnerships with charities, social enterprises and local authorities across the UK. We come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ve all got one thing in common: we believe it’s better to recycle and reuse furniture rather than sending it straight to landfill. It’s better for the environment, and there are plenty of benefits to be had for the community as well.

Working together, we aim to make donating charity furniture as easy as possible - from booking the collection on this website, to picking items up right from your doorstep. It’s never been as simple to donate your furniture to someone in need and arrange collection.

The one thing that we - and all of our partners - need is people like you! More and more people in the UK are making the effort to send their unwanted furniture to someone who needs it, rather than just taking it down to the tip.

The Furniture Donation Network is an example of how communities can come together and harness the power of the internet for social good, and improve community and charity services across the country.

Furniture Donation Network is delivered by Recycling Lives, a queen’s award winning recycler and social welfare charity, and experienced leaders in developing award winning ‘community dotcom’ solutions. We have the passion, skills and experience needed to offer a comprehensive, sustainable and socially responsible service. We are commercially thinking people with charity at our hearts.

Thank you for engaging with us.