How Local Authorities can Get Started

Local authorities receive calls about furniture donations every day, and can refer callers to the Furniture Donation Network website with confidence. All of our collection partners adhere to our Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions.

We get new organisations joining every week and so a local authority advising one of their residents to use Furniture Donation Network, promotes fairness and removes any suggestion of ‘favouritism’ towards a single charity. There are no costs for participation and every registered charity is welcome.

By simply referring people to Furniture Donation Network a local authority can reduce time on the telephone, because all the information a potential donor needs is on this website. If a local authority wants to give advice about our service, it’s important that staff explain to the caller that we can only accept donated furniture that’s in a really good quality condition and if furniture is upholstered it displays the correct Fire Safety Label.

But, don’t despair – for items of furniture that are a bit battered and bruised, or otherwise unsuitable for reuse – local authorities can refer callers to the Bulky Waste service. Bulky Waste is a national service that guarantees collections of all unwanted items, regardless of their condition. The service involves a small fee, but the Bulky Waste team does recycle as many of the items as possible, with some even being re-used after careful restoration and cleaning by volunteers.