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Monday, February 25th, 2013  

If you have unwanted furniture in new or nearly new condition, Furniture Donation Network will happily take it – and benefit the local community in the process.

The local community is a key feature of many people’s lives. With the economic downturn, people are becoming more aware of supporting local businesses, many of which have found it difficult to stay afloat during the financial crisis.

People are also more knowledgeable than ever about sustainability and the need to safeguard the environment for future generations by cutting down on fossil fuel use, as well as reusing and recycling waste. But when it comes to disposing of unwanted furniture, how can it be done to make sure the local community and the environment benefit?

With Furniture Donation Network, people can dispose of their unwanted furniture, provided that it is in a new, or nearly new, condition. By donating furniture to Furniture Donation Network, users can be assured that they are helping local people, the environment, and charities. The furniture goes to people in need within the local community and it is picked up by locally based collectors, which prevents excessive travel. So how does it work?

The first step is to book a collection online, using the simple form. Following this, a collector will be in touch to arrange to pick up the furniture. They will come to your home and collect the item or items, then take them away. All that the donor has to do, apart from clicking a mouse and tapping a keyboard, is to make sure that the items donated are in very good or excellent condition. This means mint, showroom condition, or – at the very least – that the furniture has only minor faults, such as a few scratches or slight discolouration.

The reason we ask for such high quality furniture is that it will go to people in the local community who need furniture for their homes. It will either be donated to them straight away, or it will go to a charity, which can then either donate the furniture or sell it on in their shops and raise money to keep their vital work going.

So, by using Furniture Donation Network, everything is kept local and sustainable. The people who pick up the furniture are based in the area; the people who benefit from it are members of the community; and, because travel is kept to a minimum, fossil fuel pollution is reduced. All good reasons, we are sure you will agree, to book a collection with Furniture Donation Network!

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