Moving Out? Let Us Take Your Unwanted Furniture and Help Charities

Monday, March 4th, 2013  

Moving house is stressful and involves a lot of work and planning, including making sure everything fits in the removal van – but if it doesn’t, Furniture Donation Network can help!

When sorting through all their possessions and separating things into boxes, many people will be amazed by the amount of extra stuff they have accumulated whilst living in their home. Years’ worth of sales purchases and birthday and Christmas presents fight for space with all the other essential items bought as and when required: that extra chair here; that additional cabinet there. With space in the removal van at a premium, if something won’t fit in, it might have to go! But where?

A trip to the local tip is tricky unless you already have a big van available, but for most people, it’s very likely that the self-drive van or removal firm’s van is the only one – and that will be there on moving day only. Plus, who wants to throw new and nearly new items on the scrapheap?

There may be a neighbour who will take a nearly-new table off your hands if you’re lucky. There’s always eBay or Freecycle, too. But collections take some arranging, and that means more stress – the last thing you need when you’re in the middle of moving house. There is, however, another option that guarantees efficient service, with the welcome bonus that charities will benefit from very good or excellent quality furniture for which people no longer have room.

Furniture Donation Network is a quick and easy way to make space in the removal van by donating your new and nearly new unwanted furniture to charity. The whole process starts with a simple online form that you use to book a collection. Once the collection is arranged, one of our teams will come to your home and pick up the furniture. The collector will usually be a local charity or social enterprise, and the furniture will either go straight to people who are in urgent need of it, or to a charity shop, where it can be sold to raise funds for the charity to continue its operations. It’s a win-win situation: they benefit from unwanted furniture, and you benefit from having more space in your removal van and your new home.

The only thing that Furniture Donation Network asks of the donor is that the furniture is in excellent or very good condition, which means mint condition or with very minor faults, such as slight discolouration or the odd scratch. We take a wide range of different types of furniture, from fridges to sofa beds, all of which help us to raise vital revenues for a whole host of good causes across the UK.

So if you’re moving house and you need to free up some space in the removal van, use Furniture Donation Network. It’s the environmentally friendly and charitable way to dispose of unwanted furniture!

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