Furniture Donation Network Success To Result In Expansion

Due to the number of donations we’ve received since our launch, Furniture Donation Network are pleased to announce we are looking for more charitable collection partners in order to increase the areas we serve and the number of donations we can accept.

During our first eight weeks we’ve collected over 500 items from generous donators and hope to collect even more in upcoming weeks. In response to feedback from our existing collection partners, we’ve made it even easier for them to operate.

In addition to ensuring items have the relevant fire safety labels attached, Furniture Donation Network provides photographs of each item so collection partners can ensure the item is in a good condition prior to being collected.

In order to spread the word and bring new collection partners on board, Furniture Donation Network is working with fellow charity, Shaw Trust. By helping disadvantaged people gain life and employment skills, Shaw Trusts enables them to build links with their communities, gain employment opportunities and increase their independence.

The aims of Shaw Trust are similar to that of the Recycling Lives social welfare charity which helps homeless men aged 25 and over by providing safe accommodation, training opportunities and work placements.

As a Community Dotcom scheme, Furniture Donation Network helps to support the social welfare charity and helps to sustain other local and regional charities.

By enabling Residents of the Recycling Lives social welfare charity to undertake work placements, Furniture Donation Network helps them to gain practical skills and increases their self-confidence and self-esteem. This work experience is vital in helping Residents to end the cycle of homelessness and return to independent living permanently.

Kate Jackson from Recycling Lives, spoke about the collaboration with Shaw Trust and the drive to increase Furniture Donation Network collection partners, saying:

“Recycling Lives and Furniture Donation Network are pleased to be working with Shaw Trust and are grateful for their support as we increase the reach of the Furniture Donation Network.

“By increasing the number of collection partners we work with, Furniture Donation Network will be able to accept more donations and help sustain more local and regional charities as well as continuing to support the Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

“We look forward to welcoming new collection partners on board and invite any charities who may be considering becoming a collection partner to contact us for further information.”